How you can help Tir Dewi

Tell farmers about us

We need to let farmers know that we are out there and that we might be able to help. Take the opportunity to talk about Tir Dewi wherever possible.  Farmers are often isolated and reluctant to tell anyone that they have a problem; telling them about Tir Dewi could give them the opportunity they need to begin to find a solution.  Contact Us: or 0800 121 4722


This might be anything from spending time at a Livestock Market telling farmers about Tir Dewi to answering the Helpline or even working with individual farmers to help resolve their problems. If you feel you have the skills and time to do any of these then please get in touch.

Make a donation

We are a charity and rely on the generosity of local people to be able to do our work. If you are able to make a donation or contribution please contact us or head to our Donate page,

Help with Social Media

Follow us on our Social Media channels and spread the word of our farm support service.

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