Our Funding Partners

Since the beginning Tir Dewi has been supporting farmers and their families through difficult times.

NFU Mutual Charitable Trust
NFU Mutual Charitable Trust surprised us in 2021 with an amazing donation to support us through the touch period of Covid and to enable us to meet the increasing demand from the farmers of Wales. It was great to receive this from an organisation that is so closely linked to farming as we feel that it is both a donation, and recognition that we are performing a much needed service.

The Church in Wales (Diocese of St. Davids)
One of our original funders.  In keeping with its Christian ethos, The Church in Wales (Diocese of St. Davids) provides support not only to farmers who are Christians, but to all farmers who need it, regardless of whether they have faith or not.  Not all of our volunteers are Christian.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund
Also an original funder who has stuck with us and supported us again and again.  HRH The Prince of Wales is a passionate supporter of the countryside, agriculture and rural communities, setting up this fund in 2010 to improve the prospects of farms and the quality of rural life.

The National Lottery
Having seen our work and evaluated our plans, the National Lottery has been generous in its funding support to enable new projects and launches into new areas.

The Rank Foundation, Time To Shine Programme
We grouped together with 8 other charities operating across Wales to form Llechi, Glo a Chefn Gwlad.  This was then funded by the Time to Shine programme providing each of us with an intern to work with us on a fully funded living wage.

Others have included the Third Sector Resilience Fund for Wales, and Wales Coronavirus Resilience Fund, established in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the High Sheriff of Dyfed, NFU Mutual Trust, Bluestone Foundation, The Henhurst Charitable Foundation and so many more.

Also, various individuals who have established fund-raisers with everything from auctions, to fitness challenges and even having their head shaves live on YouTube.  You are all wonderful!

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