Partners & Third Party Referrals

Farmers and their families face a huge range of issues every day and it is not surprising that sometimes, they are just unable to cope!

No-one can do everything!  And that’s also true of Tir Dewi.

We offer support on all sorts of things including administration, practical help, relationships with others (and family), succession planning and even just listening.  But sometimes, we recognise that there are others who could do a better job in a specific area.

That’s where our partnerships come in.

We want to make sure that, whatever the farmer’s problem, we can provide the best possible support, either ourselves or through working with partners.  That’s why we want to get to know you – if you are working in the farming sector and can provide support, or if you provide more general support on issues that can affect farmers, then we should talk.

All of our support is free to farmers, and we need that to be true of our partners too.  But free doesn’t mean low quality and I’m sure you believe that too. 

All of our support is also confidential and we will never judge a farmer – regardless of their circumstances.  We require permission from a farmer to make a referral to a partner, and we need you to have the same to make a referral to Tir Dewi – this is simple good practice, and good manners.

If you can provide the support we are talking about and you feel that Tir Dewi could be a useful part of your network or your solution, please get in touch

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